Civil War Battles

Rappahannock Station II, Battle of
Fought on November 7, 1863, the Battle of Rappahannock Station II was the final and deciding engagement of the Bristoe Campaign in Northern Virginia. Continue Reading »
Raymond, Battle of
The Battle of Raymond was fought south of Raymond, Mississippi on May 12, 1863, during the Vicksburg Campaign of the American Civil War. Continue Reading »
Ream's Station I, Battle of
Fought on June 29, 1864, the Battle of Ream's Station I was the last engagement of the Wilson-Kautz Raid during the Petersburg Campaign. Continue Reading »
Ream's Station II, Battle of
Fought on August 25, 1864, during the Petersburg Campaign, the Battle of Ream's Station II was a Confederate victory that followed the destruction by Union forces of several miles of the Weldon Railroad. Continue Reading »
Red River Campaign
The Red River Campaign was an ill-fated Union attempt to capture Shreveport, Louisiana and drive all Rebel forces out of the state during the spring of 1864. Continue Reading »
Resaca, Battle of
The Battle of Resaca was the second encounter between Union forces commanded by Major General William T. Sherman and Confederate forces commanded by General Joseph E. Johnston during the Atlanta Campaign. The engagement took place in Gordon and Whitfield counties, Georgia, near the town of Resaca, from May 13 through May 15, 1864. Continue Reading »
Rice's Station, Battle of
On March 12, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln appointed Ulysses S. Grant as General-in-Chief of the Armies of the United States. Upon his arrival in Washington, Grant drafted a plan to get the various Union armies in the field to act in concert to strike the Confederacy from several directions. Continue Reading »
Rich Mountain, Battle of
The Battle of Rich Mountain was fought on July 11, 1861, in Randolph County, Virginia (now West Virginia). Continue Reading »
Richmond, Battle of
Deemed by many scholars as the most complete victory by one side over the other during the Civil War, the Battle of Richmond, fought on September 29-30, 1862, was the first major engagement of the Confederate Heartland Campaign. Continue Reading »
Ringgold Gap, Battle of
On December 26, 1862, Major General William S. Rosecrans led the Union Army of the Cumberland out of Nashville, Tennessee with orders to capture Chattanooga, Tennessee. Chattanooga was an important railroad junction that connected the upper Confederacy with the Deep South. Continue Reading »

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