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Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard

Beauregard, P.G.T.

Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard was an American military leader. As a general in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War, Beauregard served in the Eastern and Western theaters and was the victorious field commander at the First Battle of Bull Run near Manassas, Virginia on July 21, 1861. Continue Reading »

Union General Ambrose Burnside

Burnside, Ambrose

Ambrose Burnside was one of five generals to command the Union Army of the Potomac during the American Civil War. He also served as the commander of the Department of the Ohio, where he worked diligently to weaken Peace Democrat and Copperhead opposition to the Union war effort. Continue Reading »

Confederate General Jubal Early

Early, Jubal Anderson

Jubal Anderson Early was a prominent Confederate general during the American Civil War. His Army of the Valley battled Ohioan and Union General Philip Sheridan's force for control of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley in 1864 and early 1865. Continue Reading »

Union General Ulysses S. Grant

Grant, Ulysses S.

Ohioan Ulysses S. Grant was an American military and political leader during the nineteenth century. Rising from humble beginnings, a lackluster military career, and an undistinguished civilian life prior to the American Civil War, Grant emerged to become General of the Army, eighteenth President of the United States, and, perhaps, the most famous person in the world during his time. Continue Reading »

Union General Henry Halleck

Halleck, Henry Wager

Henry Wager Halleck was a prominent Union general during the American Civil War. Following a brief but successful stint commanding Union operations in the Western Theater, including the Department of the Ohio, during the early part of the war, Halleck was named General-in-Chief of all United States armies in 1862. When he proved to be more of a bureaucrat than a general, Halleck was replaced by Ulysses S. Grant in 1864. He served as Army Chief of Staff for the remainder of the conflict. Continue Reading »

Rutherford Birchard Hayes

Hayes, Rutherford B.

Rutherford Birchard Hayes was an American military and political leader during the 19th century. Born in Delaware, Ohio, Hayes achieved the rank of brigadier general and brevet major general in the Union army during the American Civil War. After the war, Hayes served in the U.S. House of Representatives, and as Governor of Ohio. In 1876, Hayes won one of the more controversial elections in U.S. history to become the 19th President of the United States. Continue Reading »

James Longstreet

Longstreet, James

Continue Reading »

Union General Philip Sheridan

Sheridan, Philip Henry

Philip Henry Sheridan was a prominent Union general during the American Civil War and a career army officer, who rose to the position of general-in-chief of the United States Army before his death in 1888. Despite his successful career, Continue Reading »

Union General William T. Sherman

Sherman, William Tecumseh

Celebrated in the North and reviled in the South, Ohioan William Tecumseh Sherman was a prominent Union general during the American Civil War. An accomplished soldier and able leader, Sherman is best remembered for warring against civilians during the Savannah and Carolina campaigns, which left a swath of destruction across the South during the latter part of the war. Continue Reading »

Battle-field of the

Wilderness, Battle of

The Battle of the Wilderness was the first major battle in Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant's Overland Campaign. Between May 5 and 7, 1864, the Union Army of the Potomac, commanded by Major General George Meade, engaged the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, commanded by General Robert E. Lee, in a tangled area of dense forest and undergrowth in east-central Virginia, locally known as the Wilderness. Continue Reading »

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