Stanton's Dispatch Adding the State of Kentucky to the Department of the Ohio (August 7, 1864)

Updated: January 22, 2014

On August 7, 1864, Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton added the State of Kentucky to the Department of the Ohio.

Major-General BURBRIDGE,

August 7, 1864, Louisville, Ky.:

Your communication by General Holt and your telegram received. Your proceedings against disloyal persons in your command are approved. Your telegram has been forwarded to Major-General Heintzelman.* The whole State of Kentucky is constituted a military district of the Department of the Ohio and placed under your command, with authority of a departmental commander, except in matters which by law are vested in department commanders. The orders will be transmitted by mail. You are also authorized to establish your headquarters at Louisville, or wherever you deem expedient. You may re-enlist for general service for one year all the cavalry you can mount. General Grant suggests that new organizations, white and black, shall be enlisted as infantry, and mounted if you wish to use them as cavalry, which would avoid trouble in dismounting them when needed for infantry.

The promotion you ask for Lieutenant-Colonel Fairleigh would be cheerfully given, but the law authorizing the appointments of additional aides has been repealed, so there is no power to do more than give him a brevet appointment of colonel, which gives no additional pay. Your mode of mounting cavalry by seizing horses of disloyal persons is approved, and you are authorized to seize all you can lay hands on; and if you do not need them yourself, turn them over to the Quartermasters Department for general service


Secretary of War.

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