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U.S. General Hospital at Cleveland
With the Civil War’s outbreak, both the North and the South were ill prepared for the conflict. Ohio Governor William Dennison hoped to utilize the state’s militia forces to assist President Abraham Lincoln in reuniting the nation. Continue Reading »
U.S.-Mexican War
SEE Mexican-American War»
Union Light Guard
In the American Civil War, Ohio provided the federal government with 260 regiments of men, including infantry, artillery, and cavalry units. Ohioans also served in several other regiments from other states, most notably from Kentucky, West Virginia, and Massachusetts, as well as in federal units. Continue Reading »
Union Medicine
During the American Civil War, the Union had the equivalent of 1,556,678 three-year enlistments, compared with roughly 1,083,000 for the Confederacy. Over 620,000 men perished, a figure that tops the total fatalities of all other wars in which Americans have fought. During the war, the average soldier could expect to become sick 5 or 6 times. This placed a tremendous burden on the medical departments of the North and the South. Continue Reading »
Union Party
The American Civil War and the tensions leading to it divided the North and the South. These events also caused members of the various political parties within the United States of America to divide over support for the war, sometimes resulting in the formation of new political groups. Continue Reading »
Upperville, Battle of
The Battle of Upperville, which took place on June 21, 1863, was the fifth engagement of Robert E. Lee's Gettysburg Campaign. Continue Reading »
Utah Expedition
SEE Utah War»
Utah War
Also known as the Utah Expedition and Buchanan's Blunder, the Utah War was an armed confrontation between Mormon settlers in the Utah Territory and the armed forces of the United States government. Continue Reading »
Utoy Creek, Battle of
In late November 1863, Union forces commanded by Major General Ulysses S. Grant successfully lifted Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston's siege of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Union victories at Lookout Mountain (November 24) and Missionary Ridge (November 25) forced Johnston to withdraw thirty miles south to near Dalton, Georgia. Continue Reading »
Vallandigham, Clement
Born on July 29, 1820, in New Lisbon, Ohio. Vallandigham spent most of his youth at home, receiving an education from his father who was a Presbyterian minister. At seventeen years of age, Vallandigham briefly attended Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, but he did not graduate. Continue Reading »

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