Schofield, John McAllister
John McAllister Schofield was a prominent Union general who served primarily in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. As commanding general of the Army of the Ohio, Schofield played a leading role in the Atlanta Campaign (May 7–September 2, 1864) and the Franklin-Nashville Campaign (September 18-December 27, 1864). After the war, he served briefly as Secretary of War under President Andrew Johnson (1868-1869), Superintendent of the United States Military Academy (1876-1881), and commanding general of the United States Army (1888-1895). Continue Reading »
Scott, Winfield
Commander of all Federal forces at the beginning of the American Civil War, Lieutenant General Winfield Scott served as an officer in the United States Army for over fifty-three years. Continue Reading »
Sedgwick, John
Killed by a Confederate sharpshooter during the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House on May 9, 1864, Major General John Sedgwick was the highest ranking Union combat casualty during the Civil War. Continue Reading »
Seward, William H.
William Henry Seward was Governor of New York and a United States Senator. He also served as Secretary of State during the administration of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. During his tenure as Secretary of State, Seward brokered a deal with Russia for the United States to purchase Alaska. Continue Reading »
Shannon, Wilson
Fourteenth and sixteenth Governor of Ohio, Wilson Shannon also served as the second Governor of the Kansas Territory from August 10, 1855, to August 18, 1856, during the period known as Bleeding Kansas. Continue Reading »
Sheridan, Philip Henry
Philip Henry Sheridan was a prominent Union general during the American Civil War and a career army officer, who rose to the position of general-in-chief of the United States Army before his death in 1888. Despite his successful career, Sheridan remains a controversial figure due to his attacks on Southern civilians during the latter stages of the Civil War and his treatment of American Indians during the Indian Wars. Continue Reading »
Sherman, William Tecumseh
Celebrated in the North and reviled in the South, Ohioan William Tecumseh Sherman was a prominent Union general during the American Civil War. An accomplished soldier and able leader, Sherman is best remembered for warring against civilians during the Savannah and Carolina campaigns, which left a swath of destruction across the South during the latter part of the war. Continue Reading »
Sickles, Daniel E.
Daniel Sickles was a Congressman, United States diplomat, and prominent Union Civil War general, who was infamous for his disreputable lifestyle before, during, and after the War Between the States. Continue Reading »
Sigel, Franz
During the American Civil War, Franz Sigel, one of President Abraham Lincoln's "political generals," achieved the rank of major general in the volunteer army and served as a corps commander with the Army of the Potomac. Continue Reading »
Slocum, Henry W.
One of the youngest major generals and corps commanders in the American Civil War, Henry Slocum led Union troops in many key battles of the Eastern and Western Theaters. Continue Reading »
Slough, John Potts
Ohioan John Potts Slough was a brigadier-general in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Continue Reading »
Smith, Edmund Kirby
Kirby Smith was one of seven full general's in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He was also the Confederacy's last full general to pass away. Continue Reading »
Smith, William F. "Baldy"
Commonly known as "Baldy," Major General William F. Smith was a prominent officer in both theaters of the American Civil War. Continue Reading »
Smith, William Sooy
A native of Tarlton, Ohio, Brigadier General William Sooy Smith served in many of the Western Theater's important campaigns during the Civil War. Continue Reading »
Stanley, David S.
Major General David S. Stanley was a prominent Union officer and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, who served as commander of the 4th Army Corps in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. Continue Reading »
Stanton, Edwin McMasters
Born in Steubenville, Ohio on December 19, 1814, Edwin McMasters Stanton's father and mother were David and Lucy Norman Stanton. Edwin Stanton was the eldest of seven children. Continue Reading »
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
Co-organizer of the 1847 Seneca Falls Convention and co-author of numerous women's rights books and pamphlets, Elizabeth Cady Stanton was an influential leader in the women's suffrage movement and the broader struggle to secure equal rights for women. Continue Reading »
Stedman, William
William Stedman was a commander of the 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Regiment who also served in the Ohio House of representatives and the Ohio Senate. Continue Reading »
Steedman, James Blair
Born on July 29, 1817, Steedman spent his youth in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, where he worked as a printer’s apprentice. At fifteen years of age, Steedman, now an orphan, moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where he became a printer and, in 1836, embarked with General Sam Houston to help Texans secure their independence from Mexico Continue Reading »
Stevens, Isaac
Isaac Ingalls Stevens was a prominent Union general in the American Civil War who was killed during the Battle of Chantilly on September 1, 1862. Continue Reading »

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