10-Year Old Boy Campaigns to Save Civil War Battlefields

Andrew Druart is 10 years old and lives in Austin, Texas. After a visit to the battlefield at Gettysburg, he became a self-described “Civil War fanatic!” On his website, Civil War Kids, he writes:

In addition to learning about the Civil War, I learned that many of our Civil War Battlefields are endanger from people building houses, stores, restaurants and cement factories. I also learned that most of my classmates in the 5th grade don't know about the Civil War and how bad it was. While there are a lot of Civil War web sites, there really aren't many that help kids like me understand what the Civil War was about, how many American's gave their life and what kids can do to make sure we don't erase our history. Building on a battlefield is like erasing history. I didn't want to let that happen. So I asked my dad to help start this web site to help you learn about the war, learn how to protect battlefields, help parents and have fun.

As a member of the Civil War Trust, Andrew has set a goal to raise $7,000 to help save and preserve Civil War battlefields. In an effort to help further his cause, and to promote the Civil War among kids, the Civil War Trust has decided to help Andrew raise the money.

Here at Ohio Civil War Central, we believe that the legacy of the war must not be forgotten, especially the role that Ohio played. The legacy must be passed down to the next generation, so that they understand the importance of the war and how it shaped Ohio and the nation. This is one of the primary reasons that we came together to develop this website, so it is good to see someone like Andrew learning about the Civil War, understanding the importance and working to help save battlefields. Will some youngster in Ohio follow his lead? 

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